Be rewarded for the support you give

Tomal’s methodology of innovation is simple. We develop latest innovations to refine living in urban cities. With growing pollution of water, air and food. Our developments will branch into greener solutions that will enhance the living standards of urban dwellers.

With that, Tomal Global Care team extends total care to after sales care. Every user of Tomal is cared for to know that there is also support for them. They will assess to our experience rooms where there is always someone who can guide them along on how to trouble shoot or to use Tomal products optimally.

If you believe in Tomal’s methodology and would like to share it with your friends, families or business partners, become a Tomal Ambassador where you can be rewarded for every effort.

If you are a current client and would like to recommend Tomal to others because you had a wonderful experience and you enjoyed drinking Tomal water, the Ambassador Referral program can include rewards of complimentary replacements for Tomal filters or even a complimentary Tomal Filter System for the entire family or office!

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