Tomal 3 Bullet Filters

Tomal 3 Bullet Series is the custom filter system for advance purification.

The customisation of filtration can come with modular configurations of bullet filters that are installed under the sink.

The filter system comes with the following:

  1. Sediment Filtration: It removes basic dirt and particles found in water pipes.
  2. Carbon Filtration: It removes chlorine and other toxic chemicals that are found in municipal water
  3. UF Membrane: It removes fine particles up to 0.5 micron ratings. This membrane is widely used in water treatment to ensure water of premium drinking levels. Also it is fortified with silver nitrates to ensure anti-bacterial properties.

Customisation is possible as the final stage 3 can be interchanged with other bullets such as Alkaline Cartridge filter or other types  of filters depending on the needs. For example, water softeners are needed for cities with hard water. Other types could include de-ionised water cartridge which is commonly used for laboratory testings and not for consumption. Do speak with our Tomal water consultants if you need other types of water solutions.

Most cafes would need to install this with the coffee machine to dispense gourmet coffee. Condominiums and flats can install this easily under the sink in their kitchen. Offices can also install this at the pantry to ensure pure drinking water to be dispensed to the employees. For easy installation, a drinking tap is usually required for the system. It can also be installed with a FreshDew Hot and cool dispenser that is the latest innovation. This slim dispenser is wall mounted to save space.