For the past decade, we have applied our expertise in innovating clean solutions. We provide customized solutions for different industries who are keen to provide clean air and water for their employees and the end-users of their products. We understand that each industry has its own unique sets of needs and requirements, hence there is no one size fits all solution. At Tomal, our approach is to always start with a consultation. This is to find out about the company’s current practice and their needs. Thereafter, we will tailor a solution that will make them achieve their objectives. Below are some case studies of the work we had done with previous clients over various industries.

Property Development

Tomal customized solutions have the ability to tailor to the needs of property developments such as new homes and office buildings. With Tomal NSF drinking tap and modularly configured under sink filters, flexibility is now readily available for developers to integrate new premium solutions into the interior design of the kitchen. The option to upgrade to alkaline drinking water is also an attraction to new unit owners. The sleek and elegant dispensers is adding the extra luxury touch to the design of the kitchen without the need for space. With modern spaces needing more features of elegance, Tomal solutions can be that extra luxury to any space design.

Spa and Facials

Spas and facial salons are specially created into havens. A place known to bring calmness and tranquility, where people visit to soothe their aching bodies and tired minds. Luxury Japanese onsen can be made possible with Tomal® Commercial Bullet Series that connect the minerals to the flow of water that leads to the spa rooms. With premium facials, the need of premium water is inevitable. Thus, it is essential to have the attachment of Tomal® Custom Bullet Series, it is compact which fits any room that may have space constraints. With zero use of electricity for the mineralisation of Tomal minerals, you can now enjoy the luxury spa experience.

Commercial Spaces

Pantry of offices are now a common place for sleek display of water dispensers. However, filtered premium water could be more of a luxury than a necessity for the employees. As such, Tomal modular configurations of filters allow for that added flexibility and affordability of drinking solutions to the office space. With the latest wall mounted models, smaller pantry spaces with little or no table space, one still can savour the fountain water coming from FreshDew®+ Hot and cool dispensers. With the option to upgrade to alkaline mineral water, drinking premium Tomal can be factored into improving the wellness of the working environment.

Green Initiatives

With the use of Tomal® Drinking Tap system, hotel rooms can now go green with the use of naturally filtered water instead of providing bottled water. Millions of dollars can now be saved on single use plastic bottles. By providing glass bottles for refilling them in rooms, Tomal® Green initiative can allow hotel rooms to go green and save large quantities of single use plastics. The trends of travellers choosing to stay at hotels that implement greener initiatives are on the rise, hence with Tomal green solutions, hotels can now develop a stronger branding and positioning apart from cost saving on single use plastics.

Gourmet Coffee Cafes

With the use of Tomal® commercial under-sink filters, coffee brewers can now get commercial grade premium water for their cafes. The flexibility of Tomal® is that the system can be configured to the type of water needed for the cup of coffee. In Japan, coffee brewing can be served with nearly 25 types of water. With the modular configurations and the various types of cartridges available, this possibility is endless and the reality is now. Refilling of drinking water for clients are now made possible with drinking taps. Helpful on the reduction of single use plastic bottles, which are prevalent in café chains. Perfect for businesses that want to adopt a green initiative.


With customized deionized water, Tomal® Reverse Osmosis System can be configured with the necessary materials that can create deionized water. The RO Spring System can be configured to allow the most premium RO water to be dispensed for laboratory use as it has a real time measurement of the Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) on screen. With its touch screen panel and compact system of 5 stage filtration, the system can allow the full flexibility of inserted the necessary membranes needed for the use of testing at a laboratory.

Food And Beverages

The Food & Beverage in short F&B has always been one of the industries that require high-quality water for preparations of food. Our Bullet Series Filters have been highly sought after by restaurants and cafes such as Japanese, Korean, and even whiskey bars as they understand the need for premium water to make their products taste exceptionally good. We have water filtration systems that can work in spaces even those with areas that are limited and constraint.

Hospitals and Medicare Centres

There is a need for safe drinking water at medicare centres as the elderly that are under their care may be vulnerable to any prevalent dirt built up found in most water pipes. Hence, a strong sediment and chlorine removal system which is available from Tomal® drinking tap system will be suitable for medicare centres. Have a peace of mind that the system is dispensing premium water for the elderly at all times. Easy change of filters allow the centres to reduce on high call back services and waiting time for the system to be replaced with new filter replacements.

Industrial Solutions

For industrial sectors that require filter equipment set up, Tomal® consulting team will be able to assist on building an engineering solution for the purification needs. From breweries, to drink factories, to the likes of waste water treatment, Tomal® engineering expert team can design and build a water treatment solution for the industrial requirements. One project involves developing a water treatment plant needed for a farm to waster water treatment needs, Tomal extensive solutions can meet cost effective needs.