Why People use Alkaline Water Filter

Here are top 10 reasons why people use Alkaline Water Filter

1.Alkaline Diet Supports Kidney Health

Chronic acidosis is common among those with kidney disease and studies show that alkaline supplementation and diet can slow the progression of the disease. Using an alkaline water filter can help with the diet.

2. An Acidic Diet Leads to Increased Risk of Obesity, Cardiovascular Disease, Diabetes, Hypertension and Chronic Kidney Failure:

Modern diet is devoid of alkalinity and the compounding effect of chronic acidosis leads to a host of problems in the body.

3. Alkaline Water Filter Reduces Acid Reflux

Alkaline Water helps to relieve and remove acid reflux and provides good acid-buffering capacity.

4. Alkaline Diet Helps with Gout/Hyperuricemia

5. Alkaline Water Filter Support Bone Health

6. Alkaline Water Filter Prevents Bone Loss, Supports Bone Strength

Alkaline water supports bone strength by eliminating bone resorption and is especially more powerful than acidic water, even if the acidic water contains calcium. Thus supporting the hypothesis that acidic substances don’t necessarily promote bone health even if they contain calcium (i.e. milk).

7. Alkaline Filter Water does affect  the Acid/Alkaline Balance

Proof that consuming alkaline minerals DOES have an effect on acid-base chemistry – the alkaline water filter DOES have an impact on our health!

8. Alkaline Water Filter Reduces Pain

An acidic diet can increase the liklihood and intensity of pain, but a more alkaline diet drinking alkaline water can potentially reduce this pain, specifically chronic back pain in this case.

9. Alkaline Diet Supports Lean Muscle & Reduces Muscle Loss

10. Alkaline Water Filter with minerals Increase Acid Buffering Capacity & Can Improve Sports Performance