TOMAL® 3 Bullet Series


TOMAL® Bullet Series is an exclusive Singapore Product which is fabricated with the highest quality filter membranes and media. The 3 Bullet Series consist of Sediment, Carbon, Carbon+Alkaline filter membrane which is an intermediate line of defence against harmful particles that can be present in municipal water, whilst giving you an optimal mineralised alkaline drinking water.

TOMAL® Patented Bullet Series Filter system can be modularly configured to suit your drinking needs, by the selection of filter cartridges to be connected. More information can be found in the selection of filter refills. Should you need a hot and cool slim wall dispenser that connects externally to the bullet system, do check out the latest FreshDew®+ Hot and Cool dispenser that can complete your contemporary kitchen or office pantry.

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TOMAL® 3 Bullet Series :

  • Sediment Cartridge : Your first line of defence against impurities, sediments , water-borne debris as small as 5 micron.
  • Carbon Cartridge: Filters chlorine and other chemicals present in the water
  • Carbon+Alkaline Cartridge: Uniquely developed by TOMAL® as a hybrid membrane to calibrate one’s body pH level. Alkaline natural mineral is added back in the water for extra fortification of health.
  • Comes with connecting water tube and valves
  • Easy TWISTLOCK® filters for easy change of cartridges
  • NSF Drinking Tap and installation charged separately
  • 26cm(L) X 8cm (B) X 32 cm (H)
  • 2.4KG


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