TOMAL® 4 Bullet Series


TOMAL® Bullet Series is an exclusive Singapore Product which is fabricated with the highest quality filter membranes and media. The 4 Bullet Series consist of Sediment, Carbon, UF filter membrane, and a hybrid Carbon+Alkaline filter cartridge which a complete line of defence against harmful particles that can be present in municipal water.

TOMAL® Patented Bullet Series Filter system can be modularly configured to suit your drinking needs, by the selection of filter cartridges to be connected. Should you need a hot and cool water dispenser that can be linked with this system, do check out the latest FreshDew®+ Hot and Cold dispenser that can be complete your contemporary kitchen or office pantry.



TOMAL® 4 Bullet Series :

  • Sediment Cartridge : Your first line of defence against impurities, sediments , water-borne debris as small as 5 micron.
  • Carbon Cartridge: Filters chlorine and other chemicals present in the water
  • UF Cartridge: Ultra-fine membrane filters particles up to 0.5 microns removing bacteria, viruses, parasites protozoa, and pyrogens, colloids, proteins, pesticides and herbicides etc.
  • Carbon+Alkaline Cartridge : Uniquely developed by TOMAL® as a hybrid membrane to calibrate one’s body pH level. Alkaline natural mineral is added back in the water for extra fortification of health.
  • Comes with connecting water tube and valves
  • Easy TWISTLOCK® Filters for easy change of cartridges
  • NSF Drinking Tap and installation charged separately
  • 30cm(L) X 8cm (B) X 32 cm (H)
  • 2.6KG


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