CPure® Undersink RO Alkaline Filter System


TOMAL® RO Alkaline undersink filter system:

  • Suitable for homes and offices
  • Latest USA patented technology
  • Highest purity alkaline water
  • 4 stage filters comprising of sediment, carbon , ro membrane and alkaline mineral
  • Long life span of filters
  • Display of water quality
  • Dispense filtered alkaline water with turn of knob
  • Elegant contemporary design
  • Comes with 3 pin plug for easy connection
  • Fuss free installation
  • Ambient temperature
  • Under sink series option is available
  • 15cm (L) 41cm (B) 39cm (H)
  • 9KG


Save more than Space

With CPure (Below Counter Series) your pursuit of a better life for your family will not be limited by countertop space. The accompanying drinking faucet will offer you a sleek solution to give you effortless clean water.

Water Dashboard

  • Be in total control as CPure Microcomputer displays the real-time integrity of the patented activated carbon filters, reminds you exactly when the filters require replacement and even cuts off the supply if there is a leak. Truly Intelligent Water.

4 Stage Innovation

  • Intelligent alkaline water requires intelligent technological design. With Singapore innovation that produces purified alkaline water,  you are now in even better control of the quality of your family’s health.


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