Freshdew water dispensers

FreshDew®+ Hot & Cold Dispenser (Black)

Water dispensers are highly sought after for any urban space.

3 key benefits of the Freshdew water dispenser are as follows:

  1. Energy Saving: There is a instant heating feature that allows water to be heated when needed. Just for that cup of coffee and no more reboiling is needed. The off switch allows energy to be saved.
  2. Water Saving: There is an auto shut off for water to be dispensed . The one cup and two cup buttons allow the user to just dispense enough for the immediate consumption. This allows less water to be wasted.
  3. Space Saving: With the slimmest body and removal of water tank, the system is now saving space for cluttered kitchen tops and small sized pantries. With the removal of water tank, less bacteria can build up in the tanks , hence less cleaning is necessary and water is purer and safer.

FreshDew is attached to Tomal’s bespoke filters to allow flexibility in filter systems. When electricity is not needed, the pure drinking water can be easily dispensed via a drinking tap installed in the kitchen. The Freshdew also assures that the under sink filters are always usable because if there is any change in systems, the filters are still used to it’s maximum lifespan. With modular configurations, this allows the maximum allowable flexibility in any given space. Hence Tomal is truly bespoke!

Black is the new trend, hence do look out for the latest designs of FreshDew in midnight black colours!

New skins are on its way so watch this space….