Water for the Future

On 25 April, Tomal launched an afternoon workshop event, Water for the Future, in collaboration with JustCo. Many from various background came and registered, some walked-in and we bonded over healthy, delectable food prepared by The Caffeine Experience.

Easing into an engaging workshop with Joy Lim, founder and CEO of Tomal Global Innovation, covering the forecast of NEWater increasing from 40% to 55% of the water supply by 2060 and key considerations of our 4 national taps with reference to the Public Utility Board (PUB). We concluded that more Singaporeans can be mindful of where our water is coming from and how

this affects our wellness and future, along with solutions we can take.

Spontaneous pop quizzes were thrown to the floor and there were quite a few experts in our midst. It was a fun time and many prizes were given away.

The event ended off with our artisanal pink roses prepared in-house in commemoration of the upcoming Mother’s Day.

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