What people are saying about the Tomal Experience in Singapore

[fusion_text] Tomal is excited to share the views we gathered on people living in Singapore experiencing Tomal water in their homes, offices, studios, buildings etc. Audrey shares about her experience with Tomal as opposed to the previous filter she used which needed frequent change of filters. For the professionals, like Audrey who is a lawyer,…
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Medical Journals

Medical journals on reverse osmosis water and alkaline water for health Journal of Membrane Science[1]

Why People use Alkaline Water Filter

Here are top 10 reasons why people use Alkaline Water Filter 1.Alkaline Diet Supports Kidney Health Chronic acidosis is common among those with kidney disease and studies show that alkaline supplementation and diet can slow the progression of the disease. Using an alkaline water filter can help with the diet. 2. An Acidic Diet Leads…
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