4 ways to choose a good water filter

The 4 ways to choose a good water filter

  1. Get to know the company manufacturing the filter.
  2. Understand the filter membranes being used
  3. The country of origin of the filter membranes.
  4. The life span of the filter replacements

Knowing how to choose a water filter is critical. Many people are spending close to thousands of dollars in Singapore and globally.

Hence it is critical to learn more about the points to look out for. Our recommendation is to do abit more research in the firm and what drives the firm to supply or manufacture water filtration. It is very critical to know if the filter membranes are constantly being improved. Also the life span of water filters depends on the quantity of filter media used. A typical filter cartridge should last about six to twelve months. Choose a water filter that gives at least ten inches of filter media. Choose also a filter that has activated carbon as it removes chlorine and the water will taste much sweeter.