Tomal Dynamic Team


Our team is committed to making a difference by constantly innovating clean air and water solutions for everyone.

Our team is focused at one activity we excel at creating and innovating solutions to refine the living standards of everyone through the air we breathe, the food we eat, and the water we drink. Coming from diverse yet complementary backgrounds, our team is committed and aligned to our vision to transform our way of living in the current polluted environment into a sustainable clean one for the current and future generations.

Tomal founder Joy Lin


Joy has a passion for making a difference in the world at large. With her years of filtration experience as a director of Seaward Group, she intends to use Tomal’s customised filters to improve the health of entire buildings, medical facilities, homes and, offices. Having traveled to more than 40 countries, Joy is now building global partnerships with various facilities to innovate leading technologies in the filtration sector. Having previously worked in Hong Kong’s banking sector managing various investments, Joy believes in upholding strong integrity in business dealings and to create maximum value by partnering with all stakeholders. With a global team in Singapore and regional offices in South East Asia, Joy leads the team by being on the ground with Tomal’s members and creating an environment of creativity, innovation and, trust. In 2013, she won the Executive Award in a Singapore nationwide competition


Rong Yao is the lead consultant for Robin Advisory & Analytics Pte Ltd (Robin AA), a boutique outfit comprising of highly trained, experienced and specialized field experts. Robin AA was put together with the sole purpose of bridging the knowledge resource gap between MNCs and SMEs.Meticulous and fascinated by how things work, he found his calling quickly in the realm of Economics & Analytics. After spending many hours in boardrooms, Rong Yong realized that every MNC was first a humble SME. An SME with the right consultations properly executed would be set up to become the next MNC. Today, Rong Yao is on the board on Tomal Water and has created unique partnering programs for Tomal to partner with firms in diverse industry including Premium Spas, Food & Beverage Chains, Fitness clubs, Studios, Golf Clubs, Hotel Chains, Office Buildings, Luxury homes and more. With such programs Tomal is able to create new revenue streams for these industries through the offering of clean alkaline luxury water for their client base and at the same time offering new ways for firms to grow and leverage on Tomal’s partner programs.
Tomal Strategy Research and Communication, Audrey Quay


Audrey first encountered Tomal as a customer searching out clean, fuss-free water purification solutions. Having seen for herself the need for effective, fuss-free filtration technologies, she joined Tomal to oversee the areas of Strategy, Research, and Communications. Audrey brings with her experience garnered over a dozen years in commercial law, where she has advised clients on regulations, complex contracts, business development, strategy, employment, and efficient corporate structuring.
Tomal Thailand Office, Niramol Klanklin April

Niramol Klanklin (April)

Niramol Klanklin (Khun April), co-founded SG Global Co Ltd, one of our global offices in Bangkok, Thailand. With her years of customer service experience, April believes in creating maximum value for customers by meeting their every need. Khun April heads the operations in Thailand and is fluent in English as well as her native Thai language, having traveled widely as well as living in England for a year. She travels often to Hong Kong and is plugged into the latest developments of water filtration. Khun April upholds Tomal’s strong sense of integrity with her business dealings and believes that every person should be granted access to good quality water. She believes in building relationships for the long term.

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Tomal Dynamic Team


Our team is committed to making a difference by constantly innovating clean air and water solutions for everyone.

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