Tomal™ Global,  with more than a decade years of consulting experience in raw materials incorporated an innovation firm in 2016 to focus on clean technology for purification needs. Tomal saw the growing need for solutions for urban cities with rising pollution indexes, and falling living standards in developed and developing cities. With Tomal’s unique value chain management of sourcing the best raw materials and membranes, Tomal controls the full value chain of production through her headquarters in Singapore.

Tomal continues to innovate real-life solutions for refining living through global research and development team of scientists and researchers. Tomal’s latest development of purification extends to clean air consultancy and fabrication of green technology solutions. Embodying the aspiration of its founders, Tomal believes in offering a full suite of industrial and consumer solutions all under the Tomal Global group. 

Tomal™ ensure quality assurance in every product development stage, focusing on refining urban living needs. We work with healthcare institutions, property developers, food and beverage chains, commercial spaces and many diverse establishments in Singapore and regionally to implement Tomal™ modular technological solutions for water, air, and foods.

Our commitment to quality assurance doesn’t stop with just the best materials sourced in production, it extends to product design for the modern spaces.  Complete with Tomal™ customer care, Tomal Academy was established in collaboration with Skills Future (Singapore) to further educate individuals on the latest purification technology and its applications.