Tomal RO Spring system is designed to produce the likes of natural spring water- pure and rich in minerals. With the elegant touch panel, the system is able to measure real time purity and it will also ensure that the filters are optimised for its life cycle.

With the neat and hidden faucet , with a simple push of button, pure spring water is dispensed. The uniqueness of the RO is the 5 stage filters that is incorporated . The unique innovation is to incorporate fresh minerals back at the last stage so the purified water is fortified with the minerals you need for optimal wellness. Suitable for all ages and safe for the young and elderly.

The system opens like a fridge and closes with secure magnetised door. This allows easy change of filters without the hassle or removing covers.

With USA patented technology, Tomal RO Spring system remineralises the pure water at the final stage to produce optimal alkaline levels of about 7.8-8.2 pH. With premium spring water, you can now enjoy the luxury of wellness in every drop.

RO Spring water is the premium water you want for your family.

RO Spring® Alkaline Filters

TOMAL® RO Spring Alkaline Filter (Black)


TOMAL® RO Spring Alkaline Filter (White)