Tomal Bullet Series system highlights the flagship range of filters which is carefully designed by sourcing the highest quality membranes and filter media in the world. Tomal R&D team have developed a custom series that can be the building block of filters and the entire purification range of Tomal. Tomal Bullet series allows the maximum flexibility of the users who offering from a two to five stages filtration process by the carefully sourced materials by Tomal Global Research Team. With a combined 40 years of purification consulting, the team at Tomal have concluded that purification which is the removal of impurities, the value of filtration is also about the adding back of minerals which are natural and beneficial to the body.

An introduction of the Tomal 2 Bullet Series includes the basic level of filtration which comes as a twin filter: Sediment Cartridge which is the first line of defence against impurities in water pipes. Carbon  filter cartridge in the second stage which removes chlorine.

Tomal 3 bullet series is as follows: The Sediment and Carbon twin comes as the basic building blocks of the first and second stages. The third stage is the newly developed hybrid membrane which includes one more level of carbon to ensure the impurities are absorbed and the addition of natural minerals which can produce alkaline mineral to an acceptable range of 7.8-8.2. This mild range is suitable for both children and the elderly.

Tomal 4 bullet series is as follows: The twin sediment and carbon. Ultra-fine (UF) Membrane which is newly fortified with anti-bacterial properties of silver nitrate. The ultra-fine particles, parasites and, bacteria will also be removed at this stage. And finally the hybrid cartridge we introduced earlier which adds back the necessary minerals needed for a healthy body. The water pH is now refined to a mild alkaline level of 7.8-8.5 which is moderately essential for the body. The premium Tomal 4 bullet series is popularly used in elderly care centres, hospitals, medical care centres, schools, offices, and general households and more. It is suitable for both the very young and the elderly as it fortifies them with natural minerals. On its own, it does not require any electricity to run the purification system hence it is energy efficient.

Tomal Bullet Series system is easily attached to FreshDew dispenser and a drinking tap which can then allow you to dispense water in a convenient manner. It is also energy-saving as you will now reduce the use of the boiling kettle.

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