Tomal CPURE series is liken to a computer and with its patented technology, it was branded to be a compact Reverse Osmosis (RO) system. The purification process goes through a 4 stage process where it passes through first a sediment filter that removes all the dirt and sediments that can be found in tap water. After it goes through a carbon filter that removes chlorine and thirdly it passes a RO membrane that removes finer bacteria, parasite and fluoride and other chemicals. The last stage which is uniquely Tomal is a alkaline cartridge that is inserted to change the pH level of the water and also re-mineralise the water for optimal health. Suitable for young children and the elderly.

The system is designed to prompt the user when the water is at optimal purity level and it is marked with a smiley face. The light will prompt if there is a need to change the filter. With a simple twist of the knob, the highest quality water is dispensed at ambient temperature suitable for all ages. What’s fascinating is that the purity level is shown on the system real time so the ease of mind for the water you are drinking is now possible. The undersink option is also available for space saving.

The rare innovation of CPure series is to incorporate minerals into your purified RO water.

CPure® Series RO Alkaline Filter System

CPure® Countertop RO Alkaline System


CPure® Undersink RO Alkaline System