Tomal Global and a Stronger Singapore

In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, Singapore’s 55th National Day theme is a rallying call to Singaporeans to act in solidarity against crises. “Together” refers to Singaporeans uniting as one people while “A Stronger Singapore” signifies a determination to emerge stronger as a nation. Acting in this spirit, Tomal Global aims to promote compassion and kindness amidst adversity.

This year’s national day logo consisting of a fist and a heart also captures the dualities of compassion and conviction. A red and purple colour gradient symbolises a transition with optimism and passion in determining Signapore’s future.

Celebrating the theme of “Together, a Stronger Singapore”, Tomal Global have rolled out a SG United charity program. We are distributing 3-ply surgical masks and 70% alcohol-based hand sanitisers to the following vulnerable groups:

  • Workers in dormitories
  • Low Income families
  • Elderly and vulnerable
  • Frontliners in the service industry

As a health and wellness advocate, we place importance in responding to community needs amid the COVID-19 situation. In May 2020, we successfully distributed a total of 6,000 masks to 2 foreign worker dormitories. Moving forward, we plan to continue our efforts to reach out to more beneficiaries. Our target is to distribute at least 50,000 more 3-ply surgical masks and 1,000 more hand sanitisers over the period of August until December 2020.

To contribute, head down to our Singapore website at https://tomalglobal.com.sg/products/sg-united-giving-mask-and-hand-sanitisers or join our initiative as partners at contact@tomalglobal.com.

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