Why do we need hand sanitisers

We are faced with the challenges of washing hands when we are outdoors with no tap in sight. There are also many various brands out there that confuses us on which hand sanitiser to use.

Top ways to know you are getting the right hand sanitiser:

  1. Find a brand that is using minimum 70% alcohol
  2. Find out if the hand sanitiser is quick drying
  3. Look for where the product is made in
  4. Are there other moisturisers that are used to soften the hands

Most hand sanitisers are in the region of $15-$30 per bottle of 500ml. These prices may vary due to branding. What’s key is the contents of it. Apart from also knowing that it is a reputable brand and it is quick to dry, what’s critical to combat the coronavirus is the percentage of alcohol used. Generally , Ethanol is the commonly used alcohol in most sanitisers as it is non toxic when consumed by accident. The ease of use for liquid sanitisers rather than the gel types is because it dries faster and does not leave a residue on your hands after it has been dispensed.

You can find the latest product that is produced in Singapore and also lab tested to eliminate 99.99% of viruses and bacteria to be found available in the market.

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