Should Singaporeans Use Water Filters

Since 2016, Tomal has delivered innovative water filters to over 1000 establishments in Singapore, South East Asia and around the globe. Our expansion to Malaysia, Indonesia, Cambodia and Vietnam have brought the joy of pure drinking water to many more who believe in it. Our Moto is “Refining Living in Urban Cities”.

Recently, in a research by Levitise, this question was raised “Should Singapore use water filters?” As they mentioned many factors which affect today’s water in Singapore, they do mention the new 4th stage of water which is other than traditional liquid, gas and ice from. The speciality of this 4th stage of water called exclusion zone(H3O2) is that it excludes the small toxin molecules. Since the water around the world is not drinkable in most regions, the new customised water needs to be provided by governments and water filtration companies which are defined as H3O2 by Dr Gerald Pollack, found in our cells which is basically highly structured water with special properties.

Since the water sources available in Singapore are either the tap or bottles. So, it depends which category you want to keep yourself in. If you trust that water available in taps is good enough to drink, then good for you, but you do need to keep in mind that just after a few months, the water pipes are full of algae and fungi. And if we see those pipes with the naked eye, I don’t think we would want to drink from that pipe and tap ever again.

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