Refining Living in urban cities across the globe!

Most homes have small kitchens so we have developed solutions of a 4 stage filter with US and Japan materials to be attached under the sink to save space.

Most offices have a need to supply high quality water to many people with long life span filters so the RO systems incorporated with some level of minerals ensure highest quality of water to dispensed in a sleek dispenser or a wall mounted one with hot and cold functions . No more huge chunky machines to be on the ground that can only dispense when you are bending over!

Tomal research into regular life living in urban cities and we innovate to offer solutions constantly to refine living.

Urban cities in countries we are focusing would include Singapore, Brunei, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, Myanmar , Laos. Focus on enlarging markets of Tomal products into China and Australia.

Personalised solutions is part of Tomal™ innovation to ensure best quality drinking water customized for your needs. The needs of various stage of life includes also those who have kidney or liver problems. Water becomes a key component also for the infant and aged. With greater studies on the various types of water needed for each stage. Stay tune to our research blogs where we like to share more of our findings with you!

To refining living across the globe!

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