Personalised Water Technology

Tomal is pioneering Personalized Water solutions.

The story behind Tomal was inspired by a series of bad bouts of food poisoning while traveling for business in various South East Asian Countries.

The pain of the food poisoning was diagnosed as not from the food but mainly from water that was contaminated.

Water that is contaminated can leave one with a bad stomach and potentially the bacteria can cause great discomfort.

In some serious instances it can even cause a life.

Tomal was then concepted to solve water issues but in urban cities like Singapore. Tomal pioneers the fact that various needs of people can come at various stages in life.

It can be from a child stage to an older person.

Various factors can come in to play in choosing the right water system for the home of the office.

Some of the factors can be as below:

  1. Health condition of the users
  2. No. of users in the space
  3. The kind of quality of water that is the feed water
  4. Age of the building
  5. Age of the pipes
  6. Set up of the pantry or sink area

Many people do much study and take much time to consider but at Tomal we formulated an easy step process to access.

The water consultants are all trained to access and within 3 minutes we can access the optimal water.

60% of the body is consisting of water. Its content is higher in babies.

Alot of us fear the unknown and the fear can be eliminated with a proper system that is well maintained.

Materials does the job to create that spring water we once used to drink in the early stages before urbanization.

So Tomal’s call and mission is simple. Refine Living.

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