2019 Resolution Revisited

Many people start out with resolutions but can’t seem to stick with them. We also observe that health and wellness resolutions are made but few are able to carry them out.

With the distractions of everyday life, we are to look deeply at how we can address the needs such as basic air, water and food. We often take these for granted as they are already met and we move on to greater needs such as the next car or a bigger house.

We are once again being reminded that the efforts we put into drinking quality water does help as good and proper hydration can help in every aspect of our health. Be it our general health or vitality, drinking water is key. But how about the difference in drinking filtered? Some people think that the pollutants are filtered by the body anyway, hence there isn’t a need for filter. Does that apply to the air and food? It is like saying that eating poor quality food is ok because it gets digested anyway. Or breathing polluted air is ok, because we get through it and still live.

With the constant stresses in everyday life, we are reminded that how we refine living is not through the innovations and advancements of technology but by mindsets shift and with every little shift in life refined, our days can then be full of wellness and vitality. Refining Living is hence a need and not a want.