Mooncake Party @ Riversails

In their efforts to serve our fellow Singaporeans with clean water, Team Tomal was at the Riversails Condominium at Upper Serangoon Road last Saturday. The Mooncake festival is at its peak and they were ready to rock in the Riversails’s Function Hall at 10 am. As the vendors finished setting up their booths, residences started to gather around the hall. The event started with the first game where children had to colour and win. The excitement of children, parents and grandparents was tremendous. The second game was to build your own lantern and children even named their own lantern, one girl named her lantern DIY 🙂 since the game is called DIY Lantern.

Residence enjoyed various flavours of mooncake tasting and some even won a few boxes of mooncakes in games. The MC of the event is a young cheerful lady named Joy, who is an entrepreneur and runs her very own start-up Tomal™, collaborating with her partners in Cambodia, Thailand and China. She kept the crowd well entertained with her interesting stories and humorous talk.

Families were much more enthusiastic after the delicious lunch buffet. Team Tomal hosted the very last game where you must disassemble and reassemble their 4 Bullet Series Water Filtration System in the fasted possible time. And guess what, not just kids but the adults loved it too, and an 8-year-old young girl defeated the adults.

The event was a complete success, and participants abide farewell with a smiling face. Such community events are quite engaging and are a good mode of communication and of course a good break from gadgets and some useful fun-filled activities for the whole family. Hope to see you soon in our next neighbourhood event.