Research on Alkaline Water

Research Title: Potential benefits of pH 8.8 alkaline drinking water as an adjunct in the treatment of reflux disease.

Author: Johnston N., & Koufman J.A. (2012).

Published In: The Annals of Otology, Rhinology, and Laryngology121(7), 431-434.

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Research Title: Influence of nutrition on acid-base balance–metabolic aspects.

Takeaway Quote: “Nutrition has long been known to strongly influence acid-base balance.”

Author: Remer. T
Published In: European Journal of Nutrition 2001 Oct;40(5):214-20.


Research Title: The Role of Mitochondria in Cancer and Other Chronic Diseases:

Takeaway Quote: “The evidence appears to be strong that an alkaline diet high in antioxidants would help prevent chronic degenerative disease and cancer, and lead to a better quality of life.”

Authors: Dorothy D Zeviar; Michael J Gonzalez; Jorge R Miranda Massari; Nina Mikirova;

Published in: Journal of Orthomolecular Medicine


Research Title: A higher alkaline dietary load is associated with greater indexes of skeletal muscle mass in women:

Takeaway Quote: “This study found a more alkaline diet was positively associated with muscle mass in women suggesting a role for dietary acid–base load in muscle loss.”

Authors: A. A. Welch, A. J. MacGregor, J. Skinner, T. D. Spector, A. Moayyeri, A. Cassidy
Published in: Osteoporosis International


Research Title: Influence of diet on acid-base balance:

Takeaway Quote: “It is well established that diet and certain food components have a clear impact on acid-base balance.

For adults, the following factors are involved: 1) the chemical composition of foods (i.e., their content of protein, chloride, phosphorus, sodium, potassium, calcium, and magnesium), 2) the different intestinal absorption rates of the relevant nutrients, 3) the metabolic generation of sulfate from sulfur-containing amino acids, 4) the grade of dissociation of phosphorus at the physiologic pH of 7.4, and 5) the ionic valence of calcium and magnesium.”

Author: Remer T
Published in: Semin Dial. 2000 Jul-Aug;13(4):221-6.


Research Title: Diet, evolution and aging–the pathophysiologic effects of the post-agricultural inversion of the potassium-to-sodium and base-to-chloride ratios in the human diet:

Takeaway Quote: “Any level of acidosis may be unacceptable from an evolutionarily perspective, and indeed, that a low-grade metabolic alkalosis may be the optimal acid-base state for humans.”

Authors: Frassetto L1, Morris RC Jr, Sellmeyer DE, Todd K, Sebastian A.
Published in: European Journal of Nutrition; 2001 Oct;40(5):200-13.


Research Title: The Alkaline Diet: Is There Evidence That an Alkaline pH Diet Benefits Health?

Takeaway Quote: “From the evidence outlined above, it would be prudent to consider an alkaline diet to reduce morbidity and mortality of chronic disease that are plaguing our aging population.”

Author: Schwalfenberg GK
Published in: Journal of Environmental and Public Health

Ionized water prevents the breakdown of DNA from oxidative stress and fights free-radicals:

Electrolyzed–Reduced Water Scavenges Active Oxygen Species and Protects DNA from Oxidative Damage
Shirahataa, Kabayamaa, Nakanoa, et al – Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications (1997)


Ionized, alkaline water has anti-diabetic effects:

Anti-diabetic effects of electrolyzed reduced water in streptozotocin-induced and genetic diabetic mice 
Kim, Kim – Life Sciences (2006)


Ionized water helps prevent oxidation in the body and damage to DNA:

Electrolyzed-reduced water protects against oxidative damage to DNA, RNA, and protein
Mi Young Lee, Yoon Kyoung Kim, Kun Kul Ryoo, Yoon Bae Lee and Eun Ju Park – Applied Biochemistry and Biotechnology (2010)


Alkaline, ionized water protects against pancreatic cell damage:

Protective mechanism of reduced water against alloxan-induced pancreatic ?-cell damage: Scavenging effect against reactive oxygen species 
Yuping Li, Tomohiro Nishimura, et al – Journal of Cytotechnology (2006)


Anti-diabetic effect of alkaline, ionized water:

Anti-Diabetic Effect of Alkaline, Reduced Water on OLETF Rats
D Jin, SH Ryu, HW Kim, EJ Yang, SJ Lim, YS – Bioscience, Biotechnology, and Biochemistry (2006)


Alkaline, Ionized water is effective in treating digestive complaints:

Clinical Evaluation of alkaline-ionized water for chronic diarrhea. Placebo-controlled double-blind study.
Hirokazu – Digestion & Absorption (2000)


High alkaline, ionized water is effective at cleaning pesticides etc. from fruit & vegetables:

Combined Effects of Alkaline Electrolyzed Water and Citric Acid with Mild Heat to Control Microorganisms on Cabbage
# Rahman, Yong-Guo Jin, Deog-Hwan Oh – Journal of Food Science (2010)


The Scientifically Proven Benefits of ACID WATER from Your Ionizer:

Acidic, ionized water is an effective sanitizer for kitchens and bathrooms:

Disinfection effects of electrolyzed oxidizing water on suppressing fruit rot of pear caused by Botryosphaeria berengeriana
Muhammad Imran Al-Haq et al – Food Research International (2002)


More research showing the sterilizing effects of acidic, ionized water:

Application of electrolyzed oxidizing water on the reduction of bacterial contamination for seafood
Huang et al – Food Control (2006)


Electrolyzed acidic water (EO water) shows promise as an environmentally friendly broad spectrum microbial decontamination agent:

Reduction of bacteria on spinach, lettuce, and surfaces in food service areas using neutral electrolyzed oxidizing water
Guentzela et al – Food Microbiology (2008)


Acidic, electrolyzed water kills salmonella and ecoli:

Effectiveness of Electrolyzed Acidic Water in Killing Escherichia coli O157:H7, Salmonella Enteritidis, and Listeria monocytogenes on the Surfaces of Tomatoes 

Bari M.L.; Sabina Y.; Isobe S.; Uemura T.; Isshiki K – Journal of Food Protection (2003)


Acid, ionized water can be used to destroy penicillin:

Activity of Electrolyzed Oxidizing Water Against Penicilium expansum in Suspension and on Wounded Apples
D. O. OKULL, L. F. LABORDE – Journal of Food Science (2008)


Acid water used to kill e-coli:

Roles of Oxidation–Reduction Potential in Electrolyzed Oxidizing and Chemically Modified Water for the Inactivation of Food-Related Pathogens 
Kim, Hung, Brackett – Journal of Food Protection (2000)


Killing e-coli on cutting boards using acid, ionized water:

Inactivation of Escherichia coli O157:H7 and Listeria monocytogenes on Plastic Kitchen Cutting Boards by Electrolyzed Oxidizing Water 
Venkitanarayanan et al – Journal of Food Protection (1999)


Electrolyzed, Acidic Water Speeds Wound Healing::

Effect of Electrolyzed Water on Wound Healing
Yahagi et al– Artificial Organs (2000)


Acid, ionized water is effective for treating burn wounds and preventing infection:

Effectiveness of Electrolyzed Oxidized Water Irrigation in a Burn-Wound Infection Model
Nakae et al– Journal of Trauma (2000)


More proof that acid, ionized water is effective on treating burns

Effect of electrolyzed oxidizing water and hydrocolloid occlusive dressings on excised burn-wounds in rats.
Xin H, Zheng YJ, Hajime N, Han ZG. – Chinese Journal of Traumatology (2003)


Article Title: Alkaline Mineral Supplementation Decreases Pain in Rheumatoid Arthritis Patients: A Pilot Study
Article Published: The Open Nutrition Journal, 2008, 2, 100-105
Authors: Regina Maria Cseuz, Istvan Barna, Tamas Bender and Jürgen Vormann


Alkaline Diet Supports Kidney Health

Chronic acidosis is common among those with kidney disease and studies show that alkaline supplementation and diet can slow the progression of the disease

Article Title: Does correction of metabolic acidosis slow chronic kidney disease progression?
Article Published: Current Opinion in Nephrology & Hypertension: March 2013 – Volume 22 – Issue 2 – p 193–197
Authors: Goraya, Nimrit; Wesson, Donald E


An Acidic Diet Leads to Increased Risk of Obesity, Cardiovascular Disease, Diabetes, Hypertension and Chronic Kidney Failure:

Modern diet is devoid of alkalinity and the compounding effect of chronic acidosis leads to a host of problems in the body.

Article Title: Diet-induced metabolic acidosis
Article Published:Clinical Nutrition, Volume 30, Issue 4, August 2011, Pages 416–421
Authors: María M. Adeva, Gema Souto


Alkaline Diet Can Prevent and Stop Progression of Type 2 Diabetes:

An adoption of the “HFV” diet that replicates the alkaline diet (lots of vegetables, fresh foods and no red meat, processed foods, sugar etc) has been proven to slow and turn around type-2 diabetes.

Article Title: Prevention of Type 2 Diabetes by Dietary Patterns: A Systematic Review of Prospective Studies and Meta-Analysis
Article Published: Metabolic Syndrome and Related Disorders. December 2010, 8(6): 471-476. doi:10.1089/met.2010.0009
Authors: Katherine Esposito, Christina-Maria Kastorini, Demosthenes B. Panagiotakos, and Dario Giugliano.


Low Alkaline, High Acidic Diet Leads to High Risk of Obesity and Type 2 Diabetes

High acidic, low alkaline diet leads to cortisol production, known to dramatically increase the risk of obesity and type 2 diabetes.

Article Title: Acid–base balance may influence risk for insulin resistance syndrome by modulating cortisol output
Article Published: Medical Hypotheses Volume 64, Issue 2, 2005, Pages 380–384
Authors: Mark F. McCarty


Alkaline Diet Helps with Kidney Issues:

An acidic diet can be a contributor to renal (kidney) problems, and dietetic intervention with alkaline foods and substances can be advantageous.

Article Title: ACID-BASE IN RENAL FAILURE: Influence of Diet on Acid-Base Balance
Article Published: Seminars in Dialysis Volume 13, Issue 4, pages 221–226, July–August 2000
Authors: Thomas Remer


Alkaline Water Reduces Acid Reflux

Alkaline Water helps to relieve and remove acid reflux and provides good acid-buffering capacity.

Article Title: Potential Benefits of pH 8.8 Alkaline Drinking Water as an Adjunct in the Treatment of Reflux Disease
Article Published: Ann Otol Rhinol Laryngol. 2012 Jul;121(7):431-4.
Authors: Jamie A. Koufman, MD; Nikki Johnston, PhD


Alkaline Diet Helps with Gout/Hyperuricemia

An alkaline diet leads to a higher alkaline urine, providing an effective treatment of Hyperuricemia / Gout – alkalising helps remove uric acid from the body.

Article Title: Effect of urine pH changed by dietary intervention on uric acid clearance mechanism of pH-dependent excretion of urinary uric acid
Article Published: Nutrition Journal 2012, 11:39
Authors: Aya Kanbara, Yoshisuke Miura, Hideyuki Hyogo, Kazuaki Chayama and Issei Seyama


Alkaline Foods Support Bone Health

A diet rich in alkaline forming foods supports bone health and has been proven by numerous human studies.

Article Title: The Acid-Base Hypothesis: Diet and Bone in the Framingham Osteoporosis Study
Article Published: European Journal of Nutrition October 2001, Volume 40, Issue 5, pp 231-237
Authors: Katherine L. Tucker, Marian T. Hannan, Douglas P. Kiel


Alkaline Water Prevents Bone Loss, Supports Bone Strength

Alkaline water supports bone strength by eliminating bone resorption (weakening) and is especially more powerful than acidic water, even if the acidic water contains calcium. Thus supporting the hypothesis that acidic substances don’t necessarily promote bone health even if they contain calcium (i.e. milk).

Article Title: Alkaline mineral water lowers bone resorption even in calcium sufficiency: alkaline mineral water and bone metabolism
Article Published: Bone. 2009 Jan;44(1):120-4. doi: 10.1016/j.bone.2008.09.007. Epub 2008 Sep 26.
Authors: Wynn E, Krieg MA, Aeschlimann JM, Burckhardt P.


Alkaline Foods, Minerals DO Effect Our Acid/Alkaline Balance

Proof that consuming alkaline minerals DOES have an effect on acid-base chemistry – the alkaline diet DOES have an impact on our health!

Article Title: Effect of a supplement rich in alkaline minerals on acid-base balance in humans
Article Published: Nutrition Journal 2009, 8:23
Authors: Daniel König, Klaus Muser, Hans-Hermann Dickhuth, Aloys Berg and Peter Deibert


Alkaline Diet Reduces Pain

An acidic diet can increase the liklihood and intensity of pain, but a more alkaline diet can reduce this pain, specifically chronic back pain in this case.

Article Title: Supplementation with alkaline minerals reduces symptoms in patients with chronic low back pain
Article Published: Volume 15, Issues 2–3, 2001, Pages 179–183
Authors: Jürgen Vormann, Michael Worlitschek, Thomas Goedecke, Burton Silver


Alkaline Diet Supports Lean Muscle & Reduces Muscle Loss

An acidic diet creates metabolic acidosis, leading to muscle wasting and a reduction in lean muscle tissue. This can be corrected with a high intake of foods containing alkaline minerals such as potassium (alkaline foods).

Article Title: Alkaline diets favor lean tissue mass in older adults
Article Published: American Journal of Clinical Nutrition March 2008 vol. 87 no. 3 662-665
Authors: Bess Dawson-Hughes, Susan S Harris, and Lisa Ceglia


Alkaline Minerals Increase Acid Buffering Capacity & Can Improve Sports Performance

Consuming Alkaline Minerals (Sodium Bicarbonate) Increases the Buffering Capacity of the Body & Provides Sports Performance Enhancement

Article Title: Sodium bicarbonate improves swimming performance.
Article Published: Int Journal Sports Medicine. 2008 Jun;29(6):519-23. Epub 2007 Nov 14.
Authors: Lindh AM, Peyrebrune MC, Ingham SA, Bailey DM, Folland JP.