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At Tomal, we put together our steadfast vision, entrepreneurial spirit, and expertise in filtration and innovation to refine the living standards of people in urban cities. This is done through constantly innovating customized solutions for both industries and end consumers for the air they breathe and water they drink.

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We have the expertise & experience to design, customize filters and water solutions for different industries to meet their needs.

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Families can now enjoy drinking clean and pure water at homes with our selection of  customized water filters and water dispensers.

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Tomal Testimonial by Sam Wu

“FreshDew dispenser with Tomal® 4 bullet series at the SMU Alcove has made water taste better, with its sleek design , we recommend to companies, organizations and institutions.”

Sam Wu
Communications and Overseas Chapters, SMU Office of Alumni Relations
Tomal Testimonal by Dahlia

“Through their water consulting arm, I’m very certain they will revolutionize the way water is being treated in households and large firms globally”

Dahlia Nava
Team Lead - Business Advisor, SME Centre
Tomal Testimonial Simon-Lieberum

I have the 4 bullet filter in my home. The water tastes great and we save money every month. We finally have a solution to avoid truckloads of water bottles every month. Small change, big impact

Simon Lieberum
Founder & Director- RRTS
Tomal Testimonial by Liping

Awesome service, great effective and affordable system which was set up efficiently and hassle free! My whole family now has clean, filtered + alkaline water to drink daily straight from the tap!

Lee Li Ping
Founder and CEO, Sogurt Pte Ltd
Home - Testimonial - Francesco

I'm very happy with Tomal Global water filter. The whole experience was professional and friendly, and I feel good with clean water. Highly recommend Tomal Global water filters

Francesco Gatti
Researcher Singapore

I installed Bullet Series at my home while I was expecting my first baby! Tomal water was refreshing and enabled me to feel energized.

Rachel Low
Rachel Low , Senior Consultant


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