FreshDew™ Hot/Cold Dispenser (Silver)



  • Hot & Cold Slim Wall Mount Dispenser
  • Recommended to be installed with Tomal Bullet Filter Series
  • Hot and Cold Switches to Save Electricity
  • Instant Heating
  • Display ambient temperature if temperature switches are turned off
  • Elegant Glass Surface
  • Safety Lock
  • No Maintenance Required
  • Dimensions : 320mm (L) 90mm (B) 430mm (H)


Introducing FreshDew™ Hot/Cold Dispenser!

This is the slimmest and most elegant dispenser in Singapore! You can attach it to Tomal Filter range of undersink Bullet Series to have that elegant touch!

Have hot and cold alkaline pure Tomal Water at just a press of a button. Attached to the elegant Tomal Bullet Series that is hidden away under the sink, FreshDew™ Hot/Cold Dispenser is the elegant convenience that you would want for your home or office!

Flushed Faucet

  • Good design is thoughtful, great design is invisible. RO Spring Faucet sits flush with the main body’s aluminium finish. Feel the faucet as it pivots effortlessly outwards to dispense water customized for your family.

Five Filter Chamber

  • Purify your water to an even greater level with even more permutations with up to 5 Japan patented filters. With our iconic switch and swap mechanism, experience effortless maintenance as you replace filters with only one hand. Tomal has incorporated Alkaline water innovation into this special product!

Water Dashboard

  • Be in total control as RO Spring Microcomputer displays the real-time integrity of the patented activated carbon block filters, reminds you exactly when the filters require replacement and even cuts off the supply if there is a leak. Truly Intelligent Water.


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