Customize Your Water with Tomal



This is really a tremendous progess in water technology.
Tomal is like having your own natural spring at home. Pure & easy.
Kathrin Cometto, from Austria
Awesome service, great effective and affordable system which was set up efficiently and hassle free! My whole family now has clean, filtered + alkaline water to drink daily straight from the tap!
Lee Li Ping, Founder and CEO, Sogurt Pte Ltd
My Aunt who is a senior medical doctor bought a unit for me in time for my new born baby!
Tomal gave us good service, fast response and the team is customer oriented!
Jonathan Poh, Senior Manager
I installed Bullet Series at my home while I was expecting my first baby!
Tomal water was refreshing and enabled me to feel energized.
Rachel Low Chu, Senior Consultant

An Evolving Spring

Water purifiers are becoming a basic need for homes today. Urban living comes with its pleasures and conveniences, but it can take us us away from the pure, unpolluted environment of nature.  Even the cleanest city water may pick up impurities whilst enroute to you for a variety of reasons, from aging pipes to contaminated supplies. The only way to be assured of the purity of your water is a rigorous point-of-consumption filtration system. But, how can you be confident your system continues to meet your needs as your body changes? For the discerning, personalized drinking water is the only real choice. Create the kind of water that adapts to your needs, your very own artisan water.

How We Customize Your Water

Reach for Your Spring of Life

Clean, safe & suitable water is only a twist away.

Who Are We?

Tomal Global is a global organization headquartered in Singapore. We develop and manufacture innovative solutions to refine living in global urban cities. By tapping on 37 years of combined experience in material engineering, and leveraging on US patent technologies and research from our global scientist team in water technology, Tomal delivers leading and cutting-edge, personalized drinking water solutions to over 20 countries from Singapore.

Our Mission

To pioneer innovative and practical cutting edge breakthroughs to refine and re-define living by relying on Tomal diagnostics , Tomal global research and development , and Tomal experienced consultancy.

Our Vision

To innovate constantly and to be consistently a global leader in cutting-edge technologies to refining living in urban cities globally.

We Innovate Solutions For…